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Here’s How to Buy a Salon Hair Dryer

Hair dryers are considered as a handy electrical device used by tons of people and salons these days. There are literally tons of hair dryers that you can now choose from. It’s hard to find out which models carry the best qualities from cheap models. The best way you can do in sorting them out is by not depending on the elegant looking and attractive model of hair dryers.

What you should do here is to find high quality dryer with functional features. After that, see whether the dryer can really provide you any benefit. Keep on reading because you will discover useful tips which can assist you find the most suitable hair dryer.

Tip number 1. Most of us are after the best results only and with this in mind, it is highly recommended to buy dryers that can produce enough volume of negative ions. The purpose of negative ion is that it is used to split up the water droplets and converting them to tiny particles that allows hair shaft to suck it in easily. With this, cuticles are evened out and hydrating the hair at the same time which enables it to look softer, glossier and of course, healthier.

Tip number 2. In general, there are 3 dryers that can produce such ions and they include ceramic dryers, tourmaline coated dryers and ionic hair dryers. For ionic hair dryers, it is designed to produce negative ions mainly for that purpose and for ceramic dryers, these can produce negative ions once heated. At the same time, they consistently heat and is known to be a good antiseptic. On the other hand, tourmaline coated dryers have special stone that can produce countless of negative ions.

However, dryers that have tourmaline coated components are quite costly in comparison to other blow dryers in the market.

Tip number 3. There are other things that you have to be aware of to guarantee that you’re only getting the best dryer. One essential factor that you have to review is the size of the motor particularly the wattage. If you seek units that can generate the highest power, then go for the ones that have higher wattage. This makes it possible to quickly blow dry. Many hair dryers that are used by the pros as well as in the salons can be bought in the market without hassle and has 1800 watts.

Of course like when buying any other product in the market, be sure to check if it has warranty and to what are included in it. Hair dryers in general must have 2 years or more warranty.

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